Cooking gluten-free meals

Gluten-free eggplant parmesanI’ve made an important and mature decision about the gluten-free food I eat. (Scary.)

Living gluten-free is too hard without legitimate meal substitutions. (People start to look like giant pizzas.) Regularly eating frozen entrees, the easy fix, is unhealthy and unappetizing. But just cutting entire food categories hasn’t worked. I crave random things and often come dangerously close to a wheat-filled binge when I’m out with friends or need a quick bite. (Thank God for potatoes.)

So it’s time to start cooking real meals, from scratch. Meals that require trips to Whole Foods for ingredients that I’ve never owned. I’ve already made dietary adjustments and filled my fridge with healthy snacks, so this seems like an easy step.

People without food allergies think I’m crazy. They don’t understand. Going gluten-free is harder than dieting. Gluten is in EVERYTHING, so you spend most of your time researching food ingredients. That means you are constantly thinking about food and what you can and cannot have, which makes you want the forbidden food even more. Worst of all, it’s a life sentence.

That’s why I’ve finally warmed up to cooking. It’ll help me stay strong and will funnel some of my food stress into constructive behavior. Plus, as most things in New York tend to do, it leads back to fun. I can start hosting gluten-free dinner parties after a little practice. My friends and family will finally stop hearing me whine and start enjoying the upside.

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  1. “Going gluten-free is harder than dieting.”

    And I suspect that it’s awkward when you are invited to dinner on a first date and you need to let the person know that while you’d love to accept, “the restaurant needs to be GF.” After all, who wants to raise a ‘this girl could be high maintenance’ flag from the get-go? Have you found this to be a challenge and if so, how have you addressed it? (Could be an interesting topic to explore in a future post…)

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