Awkward sushi

Field of golden wheatOh, sushi. The things I do for you. I’ve tried restaurants all over the world – big, small, expensive, cheap, fusion, old-school, quiet, loud, karaoke, jazz – to find the very best. We’ve had our positive moments (salmon that melts in your mouth), our bad moments (terrible sushi that made me walk away for a year), and our humiliating moments (sushi that went flying across the table… and restaurant).

But since going gluten-free, we’ve entered a new phase. An awkward one.

It seems that this simple and raw dish is COVERED in wheat. Huh??? Yes. Literally. Every time you dunk that delectable piece of fish in your little soy sauce bowl (which I do more than most) you are literally covering it in wheat.

So, you eat your sushi without soy sauce (yeah right) or bring your own. This, my friends, is where we start to squirm. Whipping out your own bottle of gluten-free soy sauce at restaurants is most definitely awkward. (Starting to sense a new trend for this blog.) It ranges from gentle “wow, you are weird” smiles to awkward conversations where they tell you that their soy sauce is gluten-free (wrong).

You can always take it home. But I prefer to smile, deal with the awkward moment/conversation, and then enjoy my sushi surrounded by my fellow fish fans.

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